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What suits big face? FOR GIRLS (Accessories Importance)

             Girl likes to wear jewelry, don't dismiss these adorn article, in the process of our usual dress up, these ornaments plays an important role, collocation, can change you face to face.


         Summer, many girls like to wear glasses.It aways have a surpring effect on making girls beautiful.For big face girls, the coarse frame's and  square frame's glasses which has some corner angles is OK.But remember, elliptical and round glasses are taboo.


           And then necklace. A wondeful necklace can make a womon more wonderful. So a good necklace can also make a woman's face smaller. Long necklace is best. Beacause long necklace can draw out your face very well. On the contrary, short necklace certainly can let your face round and big.



                     Hat is an important part, too. It can manifest awoman's temperament. As you can see, a big face woman wearing a peaked cap may look much lovely. In short, a wide hat is your way. Such as sking cap, peaked cap and so on.


                    Here are my suggestions. Thank you for looking!

                   Please pay more attention to SHENZHEN XINSHENG ACCSSORIES CO. LTD

                 We will offer you more ways of being beautiful and more infformations about accessories.

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