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Ten Kinds Of Magic Bullet To Teach You Remove Stains On Silver Jewelry

925 silver jewelry manufacturers to teach you to prepare before cleaning silver transparent bottle of nail polish, after cleaning the end of the silver jewelry with a hairdryer to dry, then coated with nail polish to clean silverware. We teach you simple ways to deal with the silver jewelry is difficult to eradicate stains.

1, the choice of tea after a night soak.

2, use silver cleaning cloth to scrub.

3, silver jewelry, plain silver often black, of course, can often tidy up finishing, but also very troublesome.

4, the choice of acetic acid scrub.

5, the choice of Coca-Cola soak, soak time of 12 hours.

6, the choice of the lipstick is applied to the cloth and then wipe the silver, rinse the ultimate approach.

7, the choice of toothpaste and toothbrush to scrub.

8, use silver washing blisters one to two minutes.

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