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Silver Jewelry Near Secret History Of The Development Of Modern History

Since ancient times, our country is rich in gold and silver logo, silver and more evil spirits of the effectiveness of drugs, gold and silver as currency in ancient times is not only smooth smooth, and your everyday dining utensils upper phase of the Jazz, and wear jewelry all rights flag wealthy articles are based on gold and silver-based data to build. Silver jewelry wholesale, the blend has a minority from the South "ear file", originated in northern minority of "escape", as well as from the ancient trinkets, being inherited "Step shake," "Five soldiers wear" and my traditional dragon, phoenix, scale patterns and so on. Miao silver varieties, head to toe, decorated everywhere.

Silver as a civilization phenomenon has been the first in the history of many peoples like to become one of the carrier's pluralistic cultural exchanges. Miao silverware never entered the social performance of a purely national exclusive art form, but a fully-fledged hybrid.

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