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Jewelry Basics

First, what is the gem and jade?

Gem stone in a broad sense is the most beautiful and precious than the rare category. It includes narrow gems and jade two categories. The narrow sense refers to elemental natural gem outputs (such as natural gold, diamond) or compound (such as crystal, red Sapphire) single crystals of minerals. Jade refers to a single mineral or mineral aggregate consisting of polycrystalline rocks.

Second, the gem should have what conditions?

As a qualified gem should have at least the following three conditions.

1, appearance: this is the first condition required bright colors and pure, transparent and flawless and brilliant luster, change color or form, color, special optical effects of light or cat was like.

2, Durable: Requires holding bright flash and durability, that must be hard, wear-resistant and has good chemical stability.

3, rare: it refers to the output scarce as expensive.

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