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Identification Of Fineness Silver Jewelry

Color Discrimination: high fineness Baiyin Jie white and light and delicate, low fineness silver was slightly yellow or gray and smooth. In general, the silver-copper alloy ornaments yellowish white color, fineness lower color more yellow; silver-copper alloy partial color gray, the lower the fineness even gray and black ash, such as an off-white 800 silver, 700 silver gray, silver was dark gray 500 .

Test Toughness: silver good toughness, high fineness are easy to bend easily broken. Low couplers are easy to bend but easily broken.

Sentenced hardness: the hardness of silver foot lower than gold, carved with a fingernail can, if jewelry soft but not tough, it may be tin or lead, if it may be hard but not tough copper-nickel alloy.

Look stamp: regular manufacturers generally have stamped silver jewelry, international practice to add thousands of scores "S" or "Silver" or "silver" shows that silver jewelry and fineness. Such as "800S" or "800 Silver" expressed fineness Bacheng silver jewelry. And silver inlay jewelry is with "SF (ie SilverPill)" indicates. Correctly identify stamp can identify whether silver jewelry and silver fineness level.

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