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Fashion Accessories

Fashion Accessories

Fashion Jewellery Ranges

We stock a substantial range of low-cost high quality fashion jewellery. We make sure that we stock pieces from each basic jewellery category such as anklets, bracelets, brooches, earrings, rings and necklaces. We are constantly adding new and exciting ranges to our collection, as well as reinventing and altering the existing ranges, according to the season or the current trends. For example, we are currently running a successful line of neon jewellery, which is becoming increasingly popular as we begin to move into spring.


Wholesale Fashion Jewellery

Inca has been importing and distributing fashion jewellery across Europe to the trade for many years. As a leading trade supplier, we ship two containers per week, which therefore reduces shipping costs, and this is reflected in our product prices. Operating from a large modern warehouse in central UK, we offer next day delivery to most areas within the UK as well as an impressively speedy service to other parts of the UK and worldwide. Our prices are extremely competitive and we offer generous discounts depending on the order size which means you get even more for your money. We also pride ourselves on maintaining a high level of quality, which is not always easy in the jewellery industry, where products and ideas are constantly changing, and particular styles are so quick to come in and out of fashion.



As an importer of various jewellery and accessories, we take responsibility for ensuring that all the products that we introduce into the European market comply with the EC regulations. With regards to fashion jewellery, the main elements, which must be monitored, are nickel, cadmium and lead. We have our own spectrometer in house, which can test for all the required elements. Due to our official testing regime, it means when you buy our products, you are safe in the knowledge that they are compliant with EC law. Spectrometers currently cost over £20,000 and few fashion jewellery companies invest in them. This means they either pay expensive sums to a testing house or in many cases do not test their products for compliance. Full details about our testing regime can be found on this website. Details testing



Whilst we only supply the trade, we recognise that not every company wishes to buy in bulk. As a result of this, we pack our goods in packs of 3, 4, 6 or 12 pieces. These quantities are decided on the basis or the price, colours and assortment. Each item has its own card and barcode and our minimum order isonly £50 (Excl VAT).

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