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Development Of Jewelry

Jewelry industry from the jewelry, gifts industry separated, forming a comprehensive new industry. With the economic and social development, people apart to meet the basic needs of life, began the pursuit of fashion and personality, thus promoting the development of this emerging industry. According to the "2013--2017 China's jewelry industry, business model and investment risk analysis report" data show that the Guangdong existing jewelry more than 4,500 enterprises and business households, Yiwu has more than 8800, Qingdao, around 4000, scattered in other parts of the jewelry business and countless dealers. Guangdong, Yiwu, Qingdao is China's three major jewelry popular gathering place, form the three pillars of the pattern, which has been Yiwu, China Light Industry Union named "Chinese popular jewelry industry and trade of all." Fashion jewelry chain in many places rely on their own resources, the formation of a characteristic related industries. As "the world of artificial gems are" Guangxi Wuzhou, "Chinese pearl town" Zhuji of Zhejiang, "China's man-made crystal city," Zhejiang Pujiang like. The industrial base of China's three major jewelry popular gathering place merging, basically formed a production pattern of China's jewelry industry.

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