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Crystal Jewelry True And False Identification Method

(1) Seeing: natural crystal in the formation process, often influenced by the environment always contains some impurities, when facing the sun, you can see faint stripes or even small catkin-like substance. The fake crystal jewelry use more defective crystal residue, broken glass melting, after polishing process, color copy is made, there is no uniform stripes, catkin-like substance.

(2) Licking: even in the hot summer dog days, tongue licking the natural crystal surface, but also cold and cool feeling. Fake, no cool feeling.

(3) light: natural crystal jewelry heel in the sun, no matter from which point of view it can emit a beautiful luster. You can not fake.

(4) Hardness: hardness of natural crystal, jewelry gently with a stone in planning it, not leaving any traces; if left streak, it is a fake.

(5) with a polarizing microscope: the polarizing microscope, rotating 360 degrees in four out four dark change is a natural crystal jewelry, no change is false.

(6) with two-color check: There are two natural amethyst color, leave no dichroism.

(7) with a magnifying glass to check: a magnifying glass with ten times in transmitted light inspection, to find the bubble can be basically as false.

(8) with a hair check: The crystal jewelry on a human hair, the human eye can see through the crystal hair double shadow, it was natural, mainly because it has birefringence.

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