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Carolyn Kan: The Adpersonin Who Have Dropped In Fairyland

Carolyn Kan:The Adpersonin Who Have Dropped in Fairyland

       Carolyn Kan Tumbling Down the Rabbit Hole

           If it isn't a accidental vocation, the Carolyn was 36 may stay in advertising forever.


                 In the almost one year vocation, Carolyn just like fell in the rabbit hole in the《Alice Through The Looking Glass 》, she went in a image world she never thought about before. She first arrived at France, then Italy, then The UK. When having language class in Italy, she known a sliversmith. And she became a student of the sliversmith in the future.


        When she first time made herself a sliver ring, she surprisely felt a little choking. She remembered that in her first interview, she was asked if she wouldn't be in advertising, what she would do? She answered a sliversmith. But the answer was forgotten in the passed 16 years!

            At this moment, she knows what she truly want to do! A designer, a sliversmith! In  Carolyn's heart, Carrie K was born!


       The Strang Sense of Humor and Emotive Fantasy

         The humorous but uncanny style bings Carrie K a special mixed feeling. Carlyn likes to find the aspect out of the ordinary and the beautiful characteristics that was ignored from the things seems normal. It's her rule in her designer life that find beauty in the unpefect and irregular.



        Only in assembling furniture, we would think about the screw and the nut.But after the careful designing of Carlyn, they can also be wearing on your hand comely.They not only have the fortitude from the industrial essence, but also have the beautiful of shining and delica.

     The tiny ant haven't thought that one day he can also be the protagonist of rings. The tiny ant catching the ring juet like a little soldier.

        With the belief of  every element can be wearing jewelry, Carolyn created toomany accessories that no one can explain. Why not just do as Carolyn said? Just enjoy the mess and strange!

             What surprised us is Carolyn cooperated with Disney and made a series of timing gear, which is in 《Alice Through the Looking Glass》.


            Taking the《Alice Through the Looking Glass》into the reality, as Carolyn sticked in finding her true love.

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