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Korean jewelry Introduction

Source: Korean jewelry Introduction

Korean jewelry Introduction refers to the Korean style jewelry, narrowly refers to the production of imported jewelry Korea. Korean style jewelry full of personality and romantic and sweet, high product quality requirements, all the young MM decorate their irresistible charm. Korean jewelry hand with the main, most of the products are made to match accessories, diverse, so it looks like there are a lot of similarities.

Korean jewelry design refers to the Korean-style jewelry, narrowly refers to the production of imported jewelry Korea. The jewelry industry is a labor-intensive product, which rise in American and European countries, but due to high production costs, so the shift to Asia, where abundant cheap labor resources. To begin production bases in Japan, and gradually formed a Japanese-style jewelry culture, but also moved to South Korea and China. South Korea started from the design style and strive to create a new image of the jewelry, the formation of a kind of life as the theme, highlighting the lovely, vibrant cultural image, and gradually has been widely welcomed by the market. While Korea jewelry style warm, elegant and well-crafted elegant wood and jewelry products and the combination of film and television drama with popular Asian Korean Korean jewelry led to the promotion of culture, it had a very big influence.

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