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Germanium titanium necklace without any health effects

Source: Germanium titanium necklace without any health effects

Titanium property stiff, stable chemical composition. Normally, it is not possible to dissolve it in water. In addition, from the physics point of view, "Titanium Necklace" There is no current. The titanium germanium collar specification, all are built on the premise of the effectiveness of "Titanium has a special current characteristics" under. In addition, titanium germanium collar specification also referred to as "titanium at a certain temperature can quickly release negative ions," and learned through interviews with experts, beneficial to humans is not negative, but a negative oxygen ions, can be seen, even if the release of titanium really negative ions on the human body can not produce any beneficial effect.

Titanium and germanium as the two metals, which have harmful side, titanium and germanium but no direct mitigation and treatment based on treatment records and related diseases in medicine. Germanium is not found is an essential trace element, also found no pathological changes in the organism due to lack of germanium occur. Scientifically proven organic germanium compound is only part of it has a certain anti-cancer, anti-aging, anti-oxidant and immune function and effect, but the premise must be oral and gastrointestinal absorption. Obviously, germanium titanium necklace manufacturers and sellers use of titanium and germanium some biological characteristics, confuse one concept. Cervical disease based upon conventional therapy, there is no medical literature shows that titanium or germanium to treat cervical spondylosis.

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