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Anthony Lent | Let Your Heart Fly

Source: 最美有物

Anthony Lent | Let Your Heart Fly

       In common people's eyes, the heart always symbolizes great tenderness between lovers. But in Anthony Lent' s eyes, it's different, it has wings!

      The heart of the fly, this necklace was made by his own hands. It symbolizes a free soul without any constraint. Stop hare, we all can fell Anthony's character-free, beautiful and never stop! Just like what he said-Afflatus is everywhere!

      Athony Lent | The Heart of The Fly 

   ▲ Material: 925 fine sliver/ 18K pure gold

   ▲Manual Carving Process

   ▲America MADE   

       The thin and delicate wings give your heart a pair free wings! Beacause deep loving, so you can fly everywhere!

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